Monday, August 29, 2011

Open source public transit information

I work for AC Transit, where I am responsible for a series of projects relating to public information, including our maps, our at-stop schedule program, our other bus stop signs, and so forth.

One of my longer-term goals is to make the programs I've written available for others to see and use. The system as a whole is called "Actium", named because  "ACT" = AC Transit. (Although I joked originally that, like Augustus, I found an AC Transit public information system of bricks and will leave it a system of marble.)

As such, I created a few months ago a Google Code repository for them. Today I posted a description of the at-stop schedules, one of the more important parts of the Actium system.

Anyone interested in exemplary Perl should probably look elsewhere, but I am working on it, and I do believe at some point it may be useful for people.

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