Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't litter on transit

The FMyLife blog gives me a taste of mild amusement during the day. I usually sympathize with the posters, but not for this post:
Today, in a desperate attempt to get my business "out there", I dropped a few of my cards on a station floor. I got a call, even a quote. A $500 fine from the transit for public littering. FML
If you want to advertise on transit, we would be happy to put your ads up in our billboard frames or in our publications (with reasonable compensation, of course).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mainstream vs. Authentic

From a supermarket in Santa Fe, New Mexico. What does it say about us that we oppose the concepts of the mainstream and authenticity?

I suppose it's possible that they are only opposed for Hispanicism, but I doubt it.

Promoting secondary units (in-law apartments)

With streamlined regulations, in-law units could boost East Bay affordable housing stock and economy, study finds

Adding secondary units like this is an extremely cost-effective way of providing affordable housing; the main reason it doesn't happen more is zoning regulations. The main zoning issue is parking, but street parking is not generally difficult to find in these areas. Adding units either in existing units' back yards or carved out of the existing homes should be promoted by the cities.