Monday, April 30, 2001

What Happened to Chrysopylae.Com?

I am phasing out my old domain,, in favor of my new one, This is a belated recognition that

  1. Nobody can spell Chrysopylae;
  2. Even if they could spell it, they wouldn't know what it meant;
  3. Even if they knew what it meant, it doesn't immmediately tie in with me, and this is my personal domain; and
  4. It doesn't cost anything to have a domain.

In the long run, this change will pay for itself, and I have commemorated this event with a new verse for a well-known spiritual:

No more InterNIC money from me,
No more, no more,
No more InterNIC money from me.
Fifty dollars gone. has now been deleted.

And yes, I live in Oakland now, but actually I lived in San Jose when I first got It doesn't matter -- the document describing the .us domain clearly states that the domain for the central city of a region can be used for surrounding cities. The WELL, located in Sausalito, was for years before deciding to get a .com domain. Anyway, it was a big pain changing from to and I'm not going to do it again.

New as of February 2000: With competition in the registry business, prices have gone down significantly. So I went ahead and reregistered and decided I'd get too while I was at it. Now and both point to this site. Eventually I will probably phase out in favor of, although they will all work.

New as of May 2001: I am now phasing out, so it points to instead of the other way around.

Chrysopylae means "Golden Gate" in Greek. John C. Frémont, who first named the Golden Gate (before that it was called "La Boca," or "The Mouth" of the bay) originally referred to it as "Chrysopylae." He was making a reference to the Chrysoceros, the Golden Horn, a waterway in Constantinople. San Francisco, like Constantinople, was supposed to be a gateway to the Orient.

I thought an obscure bit of California history would be a good name for my domain, but in practice it just meant that I had to spell it a lot.