Monday, October 17, 2005

Goodbye, summer

Today is October 17. Ever since my house got knocked down in the Loma Prieta earthquake, I know summer is going to be over in the next few days when the anniversary rolls around. That week in 1989 I remember everybody slept outside during the very warm next few days -- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday -- and then on Friday the 20th it got cold, and we all went inside.

The weather report says that today will be the last warm day in Oakland for a while, and I assume, until 2006. After my dental appointment ended early today I decided I had to do something in the warm air while it is here. (I had wanted to go to Angel Island but it was too late in the day.) I went up to Lake Temescal and walked around it. There were some people there but it wasn't very crowded and it was nice to just be in the open, warm air, looking at the lake. Of course, it was especially appropriate since Lake Temescal is in the middle of a rift valley and there are signs all over about the fault that runs through the middle of it.

If I were someone with lots of money and no responsibilities I'd be making plans to go to Australia until April. Oh well. Bye, summer. I will look forward to 2006.

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