Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Champagne of Teas

Stephen Fry talks about my very favorite beverage. I like mine iced. I buy lots and lots of it -- I have over 100 tea bags right now in my apartment. Great stuff. I used to drink lots of soda also, but Darjeeling tea is light enough that it tastes great without sugar and I'm happy to have it instead of soda. Mostly to prove I could give it up, I drank my last can of soda in 1997.

Of course, I've been buying this brand since high school and I didn't know till now that the company's name is pronounced "twine-ings" -- I always assumed it was "twin-ings". Oh well.

I gather Stephen Fry is somewhat overexposed these days in the UK, and of course he's just a pitchman in this radio ad, but I still think of him as the brilliant comedian of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie." (I own just three videos, and the compilation video of this series is one of them.)

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