Wednesday, November 11, 1998

About my writings

The writings department generally consists of older material I have written through the years. These are the few things I have written that I think may still be interesting or amusing. I don't expect people will really be interested in my 11th grade history homework or most of my academic papers ("The Future of the Canadian Senate," "The Concept of Patriarchy and Marxist-Feminist Critique of Radical and Revolutionary Feminism," "Economic Results of the Mythology of Southern California"), and even if they were, frankly I think such items as the silly lyrics I wrote to spirituals and my favorite answering machine message have not only more general interest but more intrinsic value.

(High school and first-year university students -- don't bother writing me, saying that of course you don't intend to simply copy them for your classes but you'd really like to see the fascinating material I must have written on these subjects. If you're going to cheat, pay the guy down the hall to write it for you. At least that way you'll support the local economy.)

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